Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before starting chiropractic care I had suffered from severe leg and back pain/numbness for 3 1/2 years. I endured years of physical therapy, I had spent $3000.00 for injections and pain medications. Nothing gave me long-lasting relief. I had to quit work and I had to give up many things that I enjoyed doing. I was desperate for relief. I saw Dr. Hoefflings ad in the paper and read the patient testimonials. Some of the patients had the same exact probles as I did and found relief under his care. I called, committed to a care plan and I continue to get better every week. I can now work in my garden, shop without leg pain and I am finally starting back on my exercise routine. Soon I plan on going back to work. Life is GOOD again! Thank you Dr. Hoeffling!"

 - Anonymous

"Prior to coming to Twin Ports Wellness & Aesthetics I was experiencing low back pain on a daily basis. It got to the point where it almost took my breath away. Sitting for long periods of time and driving my vehicle were very painful tasks. To try and correct the problems that were causing the pain I tried to conventional medicine route for some time, with no success. When I came to see Dr. Hoeffling he presented a treatment plan to me and I followed it to a "T". In doing so, today, I am pretty much pain free! I can drive long distances comfortably again. I can haul wood with no pain. I feel near 100% better, and my energy level has increased! I really feel good!!"

 - Anonymous

"My health situation before starting chiropractic care was a big concern to me and my family. I had intense lower back pain with what felt like needles shooting down my left leg. I wasn't comfortable standing, sitting, or lying down. House work was nearly impossible and I walked very slowly with a cane. Now at the tail end of my care plaon I am comfortable while standing, sitting and lying down. I can complete most of my household chores without problems now and I only use my cane when walking outside. I can spend the day with my grandchildren at school occasionally which means a lot to me. I can even raise my arms above my head to set my own hair with less breaks. Thank you Dr. Hoeffling for improving my life!".

 - Anonymous

"My 1st appointment with Dr. Hoeffling was at the beginning of November in 2004. At that time I was suffering from numerous, almost daily headaches and facial pain due to the pain and stiffness in my neck. I have now been on a continuous care plan created by Dr. Hoeffling for 2 months and my headaches come only occasionally. The stiffness in my neck is all but gone! I am still in treament and expect even more improvement as time goes on. In all honesty, I have much more energy now. I feel much more relaxed now - not so stressed and angry!"

 - Anonymous

"I was experiencing migraine headaches all day every day when I first came to Twin Ports Wellness & Aesthetics. I was tired most of the time and couldn't concentrate on my classes or work. I followed the recommended treatment plan set up by Dr. Hoeffling and I am no longer experiencing headaches. I am no so tired all the time and I have more energy then before. I am now at the start of a monthly maintenance plan and I plan to continue this so I don't backslide to where I was when I first came to the clinic."

 - Anonymous

"Before starting to come to Twin Ports Chiropracic I had severe headaches. Sometimes lasting 4-6 weeks! I had tried everything that I could think of to try and cure these with no results. I also had a problem with my left leg going numb to the point where I'd fall down because I was unable to feel my leg. I always had to carry a walking stick with me so I could try to catch myself if I started to fall. With chiropractic care, I have only had one headache that lasted just a few hours. I no longer need to carry a walking stick as the numbness in my leg has gone almost completely away. I feel much better and I am no longer afraid to go out as I was before with the fear of getting a severe headache or falling in public. This winter, I even shoveled snow off the roof!!"

 - Anonymous

"Before starting chiropractic care with Dr. Hoeffling, I had been having extreme jaw pain that radiated from the temporomandibular joint to the back of my ears. There was clicking and popping when I opened my mouth and I had been having frequent headaches. The pain was constant and was worse after chewing tough or crunchy foods. It was hard to concentrate at work sometimes because of the pain. Prior to going to Dr. Hoeffling, I saw a couple physical therapists that taught me how the jaw works, they also taught me some exercises to do. However after several months of doing this I still had no relief. After working with Dr. Hoeffling, I've had much improvement! I finally found pain relief, fewer headaches, and more mobility in my jaw. I can concentrate on my work and I don't wake up in pain every morning. Such a wonderful feeling!! I would definitely recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Hoeffling!"

 - Rachel S.

"I could hardly open my mouth, it was very painful on the left side of my jaw line. There was a steady clicking when I would chew. I went to Dr. Hoeffling and I can now open my jaw without pain. I still have clicking at times, it comes and goes when chewing food, but my condition improved drastically. Before seeing Dr. Hoeffling I wasn't sure what was wrong with me, so I didn't sleep well and was stressed. I know now who I will go to if I need a follow-up."

 - Patty Y.

"My health was very good, but I was having sharp pains in my knees. It hurt to turn and move my legs in bed and sometimes sharp short pains in my leg when sitting. It didn't keep me from doing things, I just was very tight after walking and my joints ached more. I feel the sharp shooting pains have gone and I don't see to have the shape pain when moving in bed. My knees don't ache as much and walking up and down stairs is easier. Doing laser treatment was very nice because it offered no side effect and it is very easy to do. I highly recommend it to everyone in pain."

 - Olly W.

"I’m so happy I did the Neurofeedback Therapy. The money and time it took was worth it! First off, when I decided to do it I didn’t say why Iwanted to but that I felt it was the next step for me. What amazed me, the initial analysis was right on!!! It pegged everything I wanted to work with and had been dealing with for so long. The perfectionism I had been holding myself to for so long, that had after 40 years become mentally exhausting. The horrible impulse control and sudden bad temp to things not worth that type of response. And the inability to focus and remember anything, which add all this up was causing me horrible anxiety to the point that I dealt with such stress and sadness I was no longer getting the joy out of things I once loved. After the therapy I fell like saying 110% improvement!

I’m not saying I don’t have bad days or I don’t have to work at it on occasion (I am human) but the therapy has either stopped the behaviors or improved them dramatically. I am no longer plague with feeling like everything I do has to be perfect, I can now let things go for myself and my family. I no longer hold on to being upset or mad (rumination) my husband even noticed this and commented, I now say my piece and I’m done. I have now been able to slow down and focus on what I’m doing which has improved my memory greatly, and I no longer fly off the handle in an instant, which has made for a much better life for myself and my family. All that being said my anxiety is down and I no longer feel like there is no hope for peace in my life.

I have already told many people about it and will continue to do so because I defiantly recommend it!"

 - Mary

"For several years I had been taking medication for shaking in both my hands and my head due to Essential Tremors. In January 2014, I started a Neurofeedback Program through Twin Ports Wellness & Aesthetics and continued through the program. I am happy to say I am no longer taking medication for the tremors.

I was also diagnosed with Vertigo a few years ago. Sometimes I was down for days because I couldn’t move without being sick to my stomach, getting dizzy, having problems with my balance, which in turn caused me to fall sometimes. The daily medication made me sick to my stomach, so the doctors gave me more medication to help with that. I decided to stop taking the medications and went through a treatment plan through Twin Ports Wellness & Aesthetics, which helped immensely and I no longer take any medication.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hoeffling for any chiropractic care.

Thank you Dr. Hoeffling and staff for all your help and for improving my life!"

 - Tina

"In January of 2014 Doctor Hoeffling presented the idea of mapping my brain. Brain mapping proved what he suspected, I had irregular brain wave patterns. Some brain waves fired too often in the wrong places of my brain and others were barely firing at all. By retraining neural pathways and improving brain regulation there was hope for relief. So I said yes without hesitation to give Neurofeedback a try. I am very glad I did. Many things changed for me.

The very first thing I noticed was better concentration. Improved concentration showed itself in a surprising way. I was watching a movie at home with my husband. Many movies open with music to set the theme and story line. This movie music had lyrics. As I sat waiting for the action to start I noticed that I could “hear” the words being sung. The words were not just passing through the air but were entering into my thought process. I could both “hear” and understand what was being sung. It was surprising because I always thought that I was just not paying attention. I did not realize that my brainwaves were misfiring in such a way to cause the stimulation of music and lyrics to be missed.

One of the physical traumas I experienced was an overload of constant repetition of blasting confusing sounds and words. The Neurofeedback treatments were able to reverse the damage by calming overstimulated brain waves and improving connections to those that needed to fire more often. The neurons that need to grow and exercise were doing just that. Joy came when I realized as I listened to some worship music with the same response. I could “hear” and understand. When you can actually hear something you can also remember what you have heard. Hence, improved memory.

Improvement in concentration also showed in my reading. Since reading is a favorite pass time of mine I was very happy.

One day in mid February I noticed that my mood had changed. I was feeling more cheerful and most of the dark cloud over me had dissipated. I was not sure if the change had anything to do with the treatments I was receiving or if something else was the catalyst. I could not tell. All I knew was that there was a change. Spring 2014 in the Twin Ports remained snowy and cold so it had nothing to do with seasonal changes. One year later and the dark cloud has not returned. So my sense is that the treatments did impact my mood.

When nice weather did arrive I found a renewed love for the outdoors and a desire to participate in family activities. Many years ago when memories of abuse began to surface it became harder for me to be out and about especially in crowded places. Home was the safe place and my brain “got stuck” there with an unwillingness to leave. Family activities remained welcomed however, too much activity overstimulated my brain. I could not connect with people and became agitated. I needed to take frequent periods of quiet rest missing out on fun and memory building. I do believe the Neurofeedback corrected my brain wave patterns to allow such a big change. I enjoy being with people and I am able to participate in conversations for longer periods of time.

Last summer after 18 years of avoidance, my husband and I took two trips down the Brule River. One trip was with a group of young friends and one was with our family. It was a blast!

Not only that we had new friends celebrate Christmas with us Christmas Eve in our home. Not one panic attack or a need to withdraw from them all evening!

Overall life is better and I am happier. I suspect that more enjoyable times are ahead. I would and do recommend others to give Neurofeedback a try."

- Rebekah R. At 62 years old


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